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Why Choose National Tax Aid

Payroll Tax Problems
IRS Audit Notification
wage garnishments
Innocent Spouse

National Tax Aid is +A plus rated with the Better Business Bureau.

National Tax Aid is a State licensed CPA firm that specializes in resolving tax issues with the IRS and State Taxing Agencies.

Our Attorneys will aggressively fight for you.  We can also you form corporations or LLC’s to legally reduce your taxes and protect your assets, and if necessary help you file for Bankruptcy if that becomes part of our final Tax Resolution Strategies.

Many of our Tax Pros have actually been licensed thru the IRS and issued their Enrolled Agent licenses by the IRS showing that they have been tested and approved to be experts in IRS statutes, regulations and procedures.

We Are Nationally Recognized

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National Tax Aid Fights For You

Tax liens and levies

Wage garnishments

Settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar

Amend your returns for missed deductions

Wipe out penalties

Challenge your audit examination

Fight the IRS for you

What Can You Expect From Us

  1. FREE Consultation – We’ll carefully and compassionately listen to your situation to see if we can help you.
  2. Investigation and Plan of Action – Once we feel we can help you we’ll immediately contact the IRS or State Tax Agency and find out exactly what is needed to solve your tax situation.
  3. Protection and Peace of Mind – If you agree to our plan of action, we’ll tell IRS or State Tax Agency to leave you alone and we’ll aggressively fight for your rights to get you the best outcome possible to resolve your taxes.
  4. A Fresh Start – When you’re done, you’ll have a fresh start and we’ll continue to work with you to keep you in compliant and be here for you to help you reduce your taxes.

Client Testimonials

I owed the IRS lots of past taxes and they were threatening to levy my accounts.  I called National Tax Aid and they immediately called IRS and fought for my rights and stopped all the collection activity.  They then negotiated a great tax settlement for me where I only had to pay IRS $500 to settle a $36,000 tax debt.  Since then they’ve continued to prepare my taxes each year and monitor my situation so I don’t get in trouble again.  If I ever have a question I can just call them up and get quick answers to my questions.

Mark, Peace of Mind

I owed lots of taxes to the IRS for a previous business I had.  IRS had a Revenue Officer assigned to my case that was very aggressive and making my life a nightmare by levying my bank accounts and Social Security   I called IRS and they quickly came up with a plan of action, called the IRS and aggressively fought for my rights.  All the fees were discussed up front and even provided me a convenient payment plan since I had limited funds.  National Tax Aid stopped all the collection activity and got the IRS off my back.  I didn’t have to pay IRS a penny and National Tax Aid got them to leave me alone.  It’s been years since I made that first call.  I haven’t paid IRS anything since then.  National Tax Aid still prepared my annual taxes and is there for me and keeps me out of trouble.  They are there when I need them.

Gary, My nightmare taken away

Staff Testimonials

I’m an Enrolled Agent and been working with the IRS for over 30 years.  I know the IRS rules and regulations and will fight for your rights.  I often have to remind the IRS Revenue Officers what the rules are since they often try to take advantage of Taxpayers that don’t know their rights.  I’ll aggressively fight for you.

Tim, Enrolled Agent
Tax Attorney and CPA

I’m a Tax Attorney and CPA and have been practicing over 30 years and know how troubling it is to owe taxes to the IRS or State Tax Agency.  Ive worked with thousands of clients over my career and have probably seen every tax situation out there.  I’ll carefully listen to your tax situation and develop a solution to solve your tax problem.  Don’t fight the IRS alone.

John, Tax Attorney & CPA

Hi, I’m Debbie and I’ll be your customer service representative.  We’ll always get you quick answers to your phone call.  If I don’t have the answer, I’ll get the right answer or direct you to the person that can get you the information you need promptly and accurately to give you peace of mind.  Our team of tax experts are the best I’ve ever seen.   I hope you give them the chance to prove it to you as I have come to learn over the years I’ve worked for National Tax Aid.

Debbie, Customer Service Representative

Estimates based on prior results; individual results will vary based on circumstances, including your ability to provide National Tax Aid with information that is accurate and timely. We do not guarantee that your tax debts will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage, that your tax debt will be paid off within a specific period of time or guarantee you will qualify for any IRS programs. Penalties and interest will continue to accrue until your tax liability is paid in full to the IRS. National Tax Aid is a tax resolution firm independent from the IRS. We do not assume tax debt, make monthly payments to creditors or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice. By providing your contact information, you expressly consent to receiving calls and/or SMS text messages at the number you provided as part of our service offerings, including but not limited to advertisements, solicitations, and service updates. The phone number belonging to the called/messaged person(s) could incur charges for such contact. Read and understand all program materials prior to enrollment. Not available in all states.


National Tax Aid will refund monies paid under the National Tax Aid Client Agreement within the first 15 calendar days without any penalty or obligation. This money-back guarantee ONLY applies to the fee paid towards the Investigation Phase and NOT for those enrolled with our Immediate Action Team or those that have executed a Resolution Phase Addendum.